2009 – 1st Quarter Update

Posted on 30. Mar, 2009 by in News

Wow, it’s been way too long since we’ve done an update here. With apologies, we’ve been extremely busy, but I hope we can make updates more often so you can see some of the exciting projects we’ve been blessed to work with…

Virgin Records artists Saving Abel had Brad master their self-titled debut album, which has since been certified Gold (so far). The first single, ‘Addicted’, was a #1 hit, and has been certified Platinum. The second and third singles, ’18 Days’ and ‘Drowning (Face Down)’ are currently burning up the charts as well. The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Skidd Mills – congrats to all involved for the success!

Canadian R&B star Jully Black had Euphonic Masters put the finishing touches on her latest effort for Universal Records, titled ‘Revival’. The album, produced by Black Eyed Peas drummer Keith Harris and mixed by uber-engineer Dylan ’3d’ Dresdow, has been a great success, being certified Gold and featuring four hit singles, ‘Seven Day Fool’, ‘DJ PLay My Song’, ‘Until I Stay’, and ‘Queen’. In addition, ‘Revival’ was awarded a Juno as the 2008: R&B/Soul Recording of the Year while ‘Seven Day Fool’ was nominated for the 2008: Single of the Year. Congrats Jully!

Green River Ordinance chose Brad to master the singles off their new Virgin Records project, titled ‘Out Of My Hands’. these tracks were produced by Paul Ebersold – keep an ear out for these guys! Sister Hazel once again chose Euphonic to master their latest offering, Before The Amplifiers, the long-awaited live acoustic album featuring 21 tracks spread over two discs. Featuring a cross-sectin of their career thus far, it contains their hits and fan favorites including ‘Champagne High’, ‘Happy’, ‘All For You’, and ‘World Inside My Head’ among many more. Ben Kenney also sent his latest offering, titled ‘Distance and Comfort’, the third album Brad’s been asked to master for Ben – it’s always a pleasure working with musicians of his caliber!

Also, the North Mississippi Allstars had Brad put the finishing touches on their long-awaited retrospective project ‘Do It Like We Used To Do’. This 2 CD/1 DVD package includes two discs of music that highlight the band’s live performances over their first twelve years together and a full-length documentary DVD on the history of the band. The documentary includes interviews with the Allstars as well as incredible live footage of the band and the influential musicians that helped mold them from the beginning. Lead singer Luther Dickinson says this retrospective release “represents survival for a regional art form and tradition that stubbornly preserves and evolves”. This is a must have for the NMA fan and we’re very proud to have once again been chosen to work with these guys.

Obviously, there have been tons of other projects since our last update (337 projects, to be exact!), but time won’t allow us to do more than talk about a few here right now. We hope to update this with greater regularity from here on out, but as busy as it is, we’re not making any promises!

Finally, we’ve made some rather significant changes over the last year to the chain and the studio. We had our tech – the amazing Frank Lacy – build us a new, custom-designed mastering EQ based on a previously unreleased schematic by Barry Porter. This EQ (called the BPEQ2), in conjunction with the Davelizer and the Crane Song Ibis allow some of the smoothest equalization you’ll ever hear. We also added the new Korg MR-2000S DSD recorder to allow playback of high-resolution DSD files (up to an astonishing 1-Bit/5.6448 MHz!). Even more significantly, we hired Belgium’s Thomas Jouanjean of Northward Acoustics to upgrade the mastering room acoustics. I’ve worked in several studios over the years, but upon hearing Northward’s upgraded acoustics in my mastering room I was blown away - truly jaw-dropping frequency response and imaging! My clients have also been blown away, many commenting that the room was the best sounding room they have ever heard. Thomas Jouanjean is a true pleasure to work with – the perfect combination of knowledge and experience that allows him to create the ideal work space. Thanks again, Tom.

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