2009 – 4th Quarter Update

Posted on 30. Jan, 2010 by in News

The fourth quarter of 2009 was fantastic here at Euphonic – a superb ending to a great year! Brad was chosen to master the new Vicky Beeching album for Integrity Records. This record was produced by Jonathan Macintosh and mixed by the amazing Sam Gibson – check it out! Jonathan also had Euphonic master Sarah Macintosh’s new Christmas album, which was a real treat to work on! SkiddCo Music has kept Euphonic busy as well, sending over Saving Abel’s first single off the upcoming follow-up to their hit debut record on Virgin Records, produced, engineered and mixed by Skidd Mills. SkiddCo also had Brad master the new Tetanus album, which was recently signed to Bieler Brothers Records. This album was also produced, engineered, and mixed by Skidd Mills (what can we say, he’s awesome).

Legendary producer Jim Gaines chose Brad to master the new Lance Lopez album for Joybringer, this album is amazing – a fresh combination of rock and blues that’s truly a joy to listen to. Ouachita, a new band from Austin, sent Euphonic their new album for mastering, magnificently mixed to 1/2″ analog tape at Pedernales Studios. As is typical in the fourth quarter, we did quite a few Christmas records this year, like the Sarah Macintosh album listed above. Another Christmas record we cut was for J.D. Webb – this one is pretty amazing as J.D. has an incredible voice. Super-producer Craig King and engineer Matt Tudor had Brad master a new EP and singles for B.Angie.B – this stuff is really hot, definitely worth the listen! Dave Martin of Java Jive Studios chose Euphonic to master the new Carolyn Martin album, titled ‘Cookin With Carolyn’ – this record is a wonderful example of what can be done with amazing players and great engineering – Dave’s mixes were so good Brad said “I just tried to stay out of the way”.

We’re really proud of the European connection we’ve developed over the years and this quarter was the perfect example of it! Starting with Shane Shu’s new album on V2 Records, superbly mixed by Ujang Sastramidjaja (as usual, as Ujang is amazing!). Engineer Iain Hutchison sent Brad Iain Morrison’s latest effort, titled ‘Trust The Sea To Guide Me’, released on Coda Music as well as Eoghan Colgan’s latest release, which will also serve as the soundtrack for the film Love / Loss. Eoghan’s music is truly amazing – do yourself a favor and check him out! Peter Crosbie continues to funnel his beautiful mixes to Brad, including new singles from Mint and Stephanie Crayencour. Peter also sent the new Claudine Muno and The Luna Boots album on Green l.f.ant Records and the new Marble Sounds record on Zealrecords – both are really nice records to listen to top to bottom, somewhat of a rarity nowadays. Euphonic was also chosen to master the new Helin-Mari Arder album, produced and engineered by Johannes Lohmus and the uber-talented Audun Borrmann sent the new Marte Wulf single, titled ‘Opptakt’. What a great track!

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