Session Booking Request Form

Please fill out the following form when you are ready to book your project – without a completed session information form we cannot schedule the mastering of your project. Please fill in all information as carefully and completely as possible, though we do not recommend delaying submission while waiting for information (such as ISRC codes) – you can submit any missing information via email as it becomes available.

Answers to many questions can be found in our FAQs, but feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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If alternate versions (radio edits, TV, inst) of the track(s) are required, please let us know the total number of alternate mixes that are needed ($25 each if mastered during the initial session, billed hourly later.):

Each project is delivered with 16/44.1kHz .WAV files for reference / approval, please let us know which masters we'll need to provide in addition to those (each master is billed separately):
 DDPi (for CD manufacturing) Mastered For iTunes (note: make sure your distributor accepts MFiT) Vinyl cutting master (24 bit .WAV files prepped for vinyl) other (please note precisely what is needed in the additional notes field at the bottom)

Note: A DDPi master is used for CD manufacturing. We can deliver PMCD masters upon request, but recommend DDPi masters for all CD projects.

Will you need CD-Text embedded on your DDPi (CD) master? (please see our FAQs regarding CD-Text)
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Note: CD-Text is only available as CD sub-code data on a DDPi or PMCD masters used for CD manufacturing. CD-Text cannot be embedded into other masters.

If yes, please enter the following information for CD-Text: artist name, album / release title, track title(s)
(note: check spelling & punctuation carefully) :

Will you need ISRC codes embedded on your CD production master? (please see our FAQs regarding ISRC codes)
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Will you need a UPC/EAN code embedded on your CD production master? (please see our FAQs regarding UPC/EAN codes)
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Billing information (required - please tell us who we will be billing (including address)):

Additional notes / comments (if there are any): sequencing ideas, crossfades, etc., please include notes regarding sonic goals - references encouraged

Please note: unless Euphonic Masters has previously agreed otherwise, all sessions include one round of revisions (remixes / alternate mixes are NOT included as revisions) and all invoices must be paid in full before the session begins.

Please do what is necessary to insure you have safety copies of your mixes and masters. We will keep mixes for 30 days, after which they may no longer be avail be for recovery.