The Inaugural Pensado Awards

Posted on 16. Jun, 2014 by in News

We’re proud to announce that Brad is a nominee for the inaugural Pensado Awards in the category of ‘Master of Mastering‘!

In recent years, developments in music and technology have changed the landscape for producers, songwriters, engineers and musicians, encouraging artists and composers of all types to hone their craft. From the self-taught basement amateur to the seasoned industry producer, all manner of music professionals are discovering new methods of working and novel ways to reach fans. The science and art of music-making are in a rapid state of flux, with exciting opportunities awaiting among the talented figures in and out of the spotlight – the people who are currently engineering the next sound that will move the world in the music, film, television and digital realms.

For the past several years, the acclaimed online video series Pensado’s Place has given a voice to these individuals and celebrated this evolving landscape, and now the producers of that program have created the Pensado Awards, a new award show intended to acknowledge today’s emerging brand of music professionals.

Over 100,000 albums and millions of songs are released every year, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of concerts put on worldwide, but the awards often end up in the hands of a lucky select group. So the brilliance and hard work of all those producers, songwriters, DJ’s, engineers, mixers, live wizards and behind-the-scenes technicians in audio often go unnoticed – until now!

The Pensado Awards, recognizing these individuals, are a grand opportunity for the best pros, amateurs, brands and press to come together as one community to celebrate the uncelebrated. The live awards show, held on June 28 in Los Angeles, will be followed one week later by the global online broadcast. Join the over 100 leading music makers and manufacturers, representatives from 75 countries and over 100 schools who are already active supporters of and participants in the inaugural Pensado Awards.

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