Euphonic Masters is outfitted with the latest in analog and digital technology for stereo and surround mastering. At the heart of the analog signal path is a custom Euphonic Masters designed mastering console utilizing the shortest possible signal paths.

This console is incredibly clean, with no coupling capacitors or transformers and employing only teflon coated stranded silver wiring throughout. All controls to insert our custom and premium off-the-shelf analog processors are built with mil-spec switches – no relays. A sonically neutral monitoring section provides control to the main stereo speakers, Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 802s, powered by Pass Labs X600.5 monoblock amplifiers and reinforced by dual Velodyne DD-12 subwoofers. Digital audio conversion is handled by Weiss Engineeringcustom Forssell Technologies, and Lavry Engineering converters, and all digital signals are connected either point-to-point or routed through sonically invisible Little Labs digital audio routers.

All processing is accomplished by both custom and premium off-the-shelf solutions such as our custom ‘BPEQ’ equalizers, our custom ‘VSS’ shelving equalizer, our custom ‘Wedge’ shelving equalizer, our custom ‘Davelizer’ peaking equalizer, the Crane Song Ibis-M equalizer, our Neve 2087 equalizer (completely refurbished by Fred Hill), as well as Pendulum Audio OCL-2, Crane Song STC-8M and Neve 2254/A compressors (completely refurbished and modified by Fred Hill).

This mix of premium and custom built equipment is housed in a stunningly accurate room featuring acoustic upgrades by Thomas Jouanjean of Northward Acoustics.